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Restaurant Frederiksdal Fribad

The sound of water splashing and children's laughter mixes well with the rustle of the treetops, and a scent of charcoal catches your nose. The summer sun slowly sets over Frederiksdal Fribad, and your hair is still damp when you sit down in the chair here. Very hungry after a glorious day by the water's edge.


The story: From public bath to restaurant

Frederiksdal Fribad has existed since 1943. At that time, it was a free bathing spot for the locals and a changing room for the schools' swimming lessons, which took place in Furesøen's cold water. Today, the premises function as a much-loved restaurant and have been doing so since 2001.


Concept: Brazilian barbecue

Here, the concept is simple, appetizing and completely in line with the surroundings and atmosphere. Every night throughout the summer, they serve fragrant Brazilian churrasco in the form of a barbecue buffet with everything your heart and stomach desire.

The restaurant’s specially trained chefs prepare the food over the grill's hot embers, just like they do in Brazil. Large skewers, lamb culotte, neck fillet, freshly caught salmon, picanha and grilled vegetables are turned and seared as you wish. Here, they pay attention to detail – the food is well-prepared, authentic, and ready to go.


The area: Close to experiences and nature

In addition to the menu, you can also enjoy a picturesque view of the water and nature. Furesøen, northwest of Copenhagen, has always been a popular excursion destination for the general population. Here they have child-friendly beaches, a bathing jetty, beautiful nature, and historical sights just around the corner.

You can visit the old mill, which is only a 10-minute walk from the restaurant. The old mill is where Bådfarten has its origins, and you can also rent canoes and rowing boats. You can also explore the nearby moat and the ruin of old Hjortholm, which was shot to pieces during the counts' feud back in 1535.

All in all, there is something for every taste and temperament, and it can rightly be combined with a visit to restaurant Frederiksdal Fribad.


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