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CPH Strandpark, Scandic

Scandic is a well-known name in the hotel industry, and the chain now has hotels in most parts of the country. In May 2021, they welcomed guests to their hotel Scandic CPH Strandpark, located on Amager, not far from the sea.

A hotel full of options

Scandic CPH Strandpark offers a sea of opportunities to enjoy meals with family, friends, colleagues or your better half. The surroundings of this beach hotel invite great experiences and presence – all you have to do is reach out to them. Here you can eat à la carte in the restaurant, brunch in the Sky Bar, lunch in the lobby or enjoy a drink in the bar.

Scrumptious brunch overlooking the waves

In Scandic CPH Strandpark's Skybar, you sit at the roof terrace, where you can look out over the water's edge, the bridge, waves, and sunbeams reflected in Øresund. This spot might be one of Copenhagen's best.
They also offer a sublime brunch which you can enjoy along with the view of the water and the beach. Enjoy, for example, scrambled eggs with fried Danish Angus sausages and bacon from 'Dansk Duroc', Croque monsieur, porchetta with a crispy crust, tomatoes with lemon peel, burrata and pesto, mini smoothie bowls, nut spread with roasted pecans, chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs and salted caramel and much more. At Scandic CPH Strandpark, they understand how to capture the spirit of the times and know what is expected of a brunch.

Enjoy breakfast in the lobby and dinner on the first floor

If you are the type who sleeps in a bit too late for brunch, then you can instead book a table for lunch in Scandic CPH's lobby restaurant. Here, you can enjoy both classics and healthy lunch dishes, so whatever you prefer, there is something on the menu that falls to your taste.
In the evening, enjoy dinner in Scandic's beautiful restaurant on the first floor. Here, too, there is a view of the water. The menu has focus on serving sustainable ingredients from Danish suppliers.


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