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On a side road to Strandvejen in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, there is a cozy pub called Sankt Peder. The place exudes history. On the plates, there are well-known dishes such as Danish open sandwiches with all sorts of delights on the bread.


A family business

At Sankt Pedersvej 2 in Hellerup, the charming pub Sankt Peder has resided since 1972. Couple Mette and Hans Peter Dam took over the premises back then and restored it with the help of Tivoli's two architects, Simon Henningsen and Erik “Spjæt” Christensen. They decorated the premises with charming furniture and art for the walls. All in all, they chose decorations that would reflect the right spirit.

Over the years, Sankt Peder has become a popular place for the city's residents – both young and old come to enjoy everything from a single cold beer to a nice meal for lunch or dinner. Today, Mette and Hans Peter's son, Martin Dam, run the place.


Cherish the regulars

Sankt Peder strives to be the local area's favourite lunch and dinner restaurant, and there are many indications that they are. Sankt Peder has many regulars whom they cherish to the best of their ability by providing a friendly and informal service. Here it is easy to feel at home, and the atmosphere is relaxed both outside and inside.

The city's young people also have a habit of visiting Sankt Peder when the party ends at the nearby high school.


Classic dishes on the menu

In line with the settings, the plates are blue fluted porcelain decorated with various tasty dishes. Dig your teeth into an open sandwich, for example, a classic potato dish with chives, mayo, and bacon, or how about a round of tartar with capers and egg yolk?

If you like fish, Sankt Peder's ‘Angel Kiss’ with plaice fillet with shrimp, trout roe, mayo and asparagus is also highly recommended.


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