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Jonathan Berntsen, who previously ran the Michelin restaurant CLOU, has opened a dream of a restaurant. The name is The Samuel, and you'll find it in a charming old villa on the corner of Hellerupvej.

Charming Location in the Old Pharmacy of the City

Many would probably say that opening a restaurant in the midst of a pandemic was not the wisest move. Especially when you already own a popular Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen. But not Jonathan Berntsen. For him, development is an important keyword, and challenges are met with great appetite. When he discovered the premises in the old pharmacy villa, it was love at first sight. According to Berntsen himself, the property has some very special elements that are rarely found anymore. Therefore, it was farewell to CLOU and hello to The Samuel, named after his own son.

Historic Restaurant with Rooftop Terrace

The place therefore oozes history, as evidenced by the beautiful floors and windows. The bar is at the center of a huge marble table, and the "Koglen" hangs nicely in the middle, under the beautiful golden stucco.

The restaurant itself can accommodate around 24 dining guests, seated at round tables. If you want to scale up, they have an additional room with just 2 tables for 2 people each, where you can enjoy your meal with an exquisite view. In the summer of 2024, The Samuel will open up the most beautiful rooftop terrace, where there will be ample opportunity to enjoy a cocktail or a cool glass of champagne when visiting the restaurant.

Newly Renovated Wine and Champagne Cellar

The Samuel has expanded their wine cellar, now housing around 3000 bottles. When visiting the restaurant, you can browse both the champagne cellar and the wine cellar. The champagne cellar boasts the largest collection of Dom Pérignon north of Paris, ranging from the 1964 to the 2013 vintage, so there is ample opportunity to taste many exciting and old vintages. On the wine list, you'll find around 600 different French and Spanish wines.

Michelin-Worthy Menu

In the kitchen, the ambitions are sky-high, and the food is classic Jonathan, with no skimping on the best ingredients or the amount of food. You'll find some of the classic French à la carte dishes, with a little twist from Jonathan.

Jonathan Berntsen himself has stated that the food profile will resemble CLOU - just on steroids. The temperature has therefore risen in line with the level of ambition, and there is no doubt that the entire team behind The Samuel is reaching for the stars.


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