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You may already know Sallie’s Restaurant & Snack Bar, the popular American restaurant at Wittrup Motel in Albertslund. Well, in the same building as the world's largest indoor go-kart track, Sallie’s has one more restaurant worth a visit, Sallie’s Race Lounge. Here, 50s style, original recipes and go-kart racing complete the experience.


At the top of Racehall CPH

Sallie’s Race Lounge lies at the top of Racehall CPH in Taastrup at the main road between Taastrup and Roskilde. Here you step into a time travel machine that takes you back to 1950s America. You can visit Sallie's Race Lounge before or after a ride on the go-kart track – or you can stop by to eat without driving.


Sallie's story

Sallie’s is named after the first owner, Sallie Zimmerhackel, from Denver, Colorado. In 1954, she travelled to Denmark and opened a restaurant alongside a motel in Albertslund. Sallie’s Restaurant & Snack Bar at Wittrup Motel has since been a popular attraction for people from both near and far.

The charming and extremely accomplished style was new and exciting, and the menu was something quite different from the potatoes and gravy that the Danes were used to. Sallie was also the first to introduce the Danes to the cheeseburger.


Burgers & Motorsports

But even though the new "little brother" shares its first name with its big sister in Albertslund, Sallie's Race Lounge is not just a copy of the first. The setting of the place combines the pure 50s look with the history of the go-kart, which originates from the same decade. In addition,

Sallie’s has always had a close relationship with motorsport. The nearby Roskilde Ring opened in 1955, and when international races were held, the drivers would often spend the night at Wittrup Motel and eat at Sallie's. Explore the history by looking around the restaurant, where menus, interior and wall decorations contribute to the story.

Authentic American food and drinks

Like the decor, the food and drinks menu is also inspired by American 50s style and Sallie’s very own recipes. Dig into Saille’s American Bbq Ribs, the classic and reinterpreted 50s burgers, steaks and more.

All dishes are homemade, and although the classic and authentic are also taken into account in the cooking, the kitchen likes to add a refreshing twist to the dishes. They put a lot of emphasis on quality and most dishes are prepared according to original recipes, even the mayonnaise.

For drinks, you will find their popular high-quality milkshakes, lemonades and ice cream soda, which were also on the menu in the 50s. These drinks, like the food, are created from scratch from fresh ingredients.


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