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Anita Klemensen from Den Røde Cottage has taken over ownership of Studenterkilden in the forest by Dyrehaven and Klampenborg racecourse. She and her team are ready to welcome you into the beautiful building in its unique placement.


Farmer settings in the middle of the forest

In the southern part of Dyrehaven, about halfway between Bakken and Fortunen is a charming building with a thatched roof. Inside, you get a beautiful view with one side showcasing the Fuglsang Lake, and on the other side, you can follow the sounds of hoofs and prancing horses on the racecourse.


History of Studenterkilden

The story of Studenterkilden dates back to a sunny Sunday in May 1854. That day, two young students were out walking in Dyrehaven. The two young men stopped right by the fence to the big garden where they enjoyed the forest's quiet peace and the beautiful nature around the lake. It was here that the little white house was discovered by the two men. The house intrigued them to come closer, and they found the courage to knock on the door. A kind couple opened and invited them inside for a talk.

It became the first of many visits, and that is how it got its name Studenterkilden (The Student Source). Many owners have driven the restaurant throughout the years. Now the torch has been passed on to Anita Klemensen.


Former Michelin-star owner

The owner, Anita, is a trained chef from Michelin-starred restaurant Søllerød Kro where she graduated in 2002. Since then, she has had massive success with Den Gule Cottage and Den Røde Cottage, where the latter gained a Michelin star in 2012 and kept it until 2016.

After struggling with arthritis in her hands, Anita had to take a break for a while. Now she is back at full-strength – a very pleasing announcement for everyone!

Anita’s Studenterkilden is a wonderful place full of experiences surrounding food, wine and beautiful settings.


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