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Pescetarianism is the fastest growing trend within gastronomy. The word is a contraction of the Italian pesce (fish) and the English vegetarian, and the concept covers a vegetarian diet consisting of fruit and vegetables with added seafood.


The team behind The Pescetarian is a collection of some of the most passionate and dedicated people within the restaurant industry.

The Pescetarian is the second restaurant by Johan Burich-Holck who is also the man behind the Bib Gourmand restaurant Marv & Ben. In addition to a high gastronomic level he emphasizes health and the environment:

- The dishes will be many small dishes with fish, seafood and vegetables focusing on sustainability and organic produce, and guests can look forward to a great dining experience and world-class service. In addition, seafood is a healthy and climate-friendly alternative to red meat, says Johan Burich-Holck.

Co-owner and restaurant manager, Mikkel Hjort Nielsen will provide an unforgettable service whether you dine for lunch or dinner. The head chef Jesper Steffen is also a co-owner. He has previously juggled the kitchen utensils on Studio, Kokkedal Castle and Skovshoved Hotel.

The man responsible for the wine profile is , Jonas Herlitschek. He is a sommelier and very aware of the fact that wines must fit the dishes with seafood.

- The wine list focuses on acid-driven, mineral and balanced white wines. We are playing with champagnes and German and Austrian white wines. Burgundy and Jurassic will have a large place on the map just like at Marv & Ben.. The Pescetarian is characterized by high quality at liberal prices.


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