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Restaurant Kastellet is situated on the fashionable street Amaliegade in the inner city of Copenhagen. The restaurant is just down the street from Amalienborg, home to the Danish royal family. Restaurant Kastellet is a Danish lunch-restaurant, where they serve the very best of classic smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). Everything here is homemade and is best eaten alongside cold beer and schnapps.

Smørrebrød enthusiasts

Here at Restaurant Kastellet, smørrebrød is something they practice, if not worship, and it’s been so since the birth of Restaurant Kastellet. When dining here, you get more than just a dish with rye bread and delicious toppings. It’s not only about the contents of the plate, but the attitude of how the food is served and how it goes from being raw ingredients to a complete masterpiece. They are absolute experts at Restaurant Kastellet, so if you want to try proper Danish food, this is the place to eat.

Nostalgia and seagull porcelain

When receiving your dish, you will notice that the freshly made smørrebrød sits atop the famous seagull porcelain, which has acclaimed iconic status in the porcelain genre. The plates give off a vibe of pure nostalgia, and it adds to the atmosphere in the restaurant. Besides the porcelain, the table cloths are a bright white, and the waiters are dressed nicely from top to bottom in shirts and vest, true to the waiter style.

Maritime surroundings

The feeling of nostalgia goes well with the whole maritime atmosphere in the restaurant. The cozy surroundings are accompanied by wonderful paintings and an old ship wheel that once was used to steer a wooden ship.

Popular lunch place

Restaurant Kastellet is a popular place to celebrate Christmas parties, company parties and other fun events. Per request, the restaurant can stay open at night if you are hosting for more than 20 people.


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