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Osteria 16 - Sønderboulevard

The team behind Osteria 16 never runs out of good ideas. This time, they have replaced the pizzas with fish in their restaurant on Sønder Boulevard 54. Osteria 16 Pesce is an antipasti restaurant that serves fresh seafood at sympathetic prices.


Antipasti dishes with today's catch

The premises previously housed Pizzeria 54 but have been given a new theme. You are going on a sea adventure when Osteria 16 Pesce invites you inside to everything seafood-related in the form of fish, shellfish, mollusks, and whatever else finds its way into the fisherman's large net.

Berlingske's food critic Søren Frank calls Osteria the city's cheapest fresh seafood – and with good reason. The antipasti dishes revolve around today’s catch and are aesthetically pleasing, so the experience embraces all your senses.

The opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 18:00 to 00:00.


The simpler alternative

An Osteria is an Italian term for the cheaper and simpler alternative to the restaurant. There is an unpretentious atmosphere here, which is perfect for everyday evenings, where you cannot be bothered to cook yourself. Leave it to professionals, with their pride and competent hospitality, will love to receive you at Osteria 16 Pesce.


The team behind the place

The team behind the place are Morten Kaltoft and Emil Alsbo. Together, the two also run the sister restaurants Osteria 16 at Vesterbro and Nørrebro, the restaurant Spaghetteria and the Italian supermarket MERCATO, where you can buy Italian specialties directly imported from Italy or buy yourself an Italian lunch or dinner to-go.

Emil Alsbo has roots in the art world. His great sense of composition and staging, its decor and atmosphere are a gift to the spirit of the place.

Morten Kaltoft has for several years run the three Italian FAMO restaurants together with Fabio Mazzon. His broad knowledge in the restaurant industry has made him a reputable star player in the Italian food scene.


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