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When Glashuset in Lønstrup reopened in March 2016, there was life, happy days and good times stirring in the pots. That is certainly still there because, unlike so many other places, Glashuset contains the essence of something that people like to drive a long way after.


A place for everyone

The goal of Restaurant Glashuset has, from the very beginning, been to create a place that embraces a wide range so that everyone can participate. They have succeeded well with this, and people from both near and far enjoy coming to the restaurant, where, despite a relaxed atmosphere, the quality is never compromised.


Dishes with a focus on the Danish coastal summer country

The menu is based on the Danish summer country - especially the coastal one. That is why you will also find freshly caught fish among Glashuset's dishes. Restaurant Glashuset is open for lunch and dinner, where the menu offers both complex menus and a la carte. Limfjord sisters, beef tartare and North Sea plaice are just some of the dishes you can delight your palate with.

The lunch menu consists of a well-assorted selection of well-solid sandwich classics a la Glashuset. The prices are at a level where most people can participate, and you get great value for your money.


Free wine bar

Great food calls for great wine, and there is plenty of that at Restaurant Glashuset. Combine your menu with a free wine bar for two or three hours, for either 200 DKK or 300 DKK. The wines come mainly from recognized districts in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.


Experienced team

Behind Restaurant Glashuset is an experienced team led by Michael "Miv" Pedersen. Pedersen has been a skilled player on the Danish food scene for many years with restaurants such as TABU, ubat veggie, Slagterbørsen, Villa Vest and CanBlau.

He is also the previous winner of the award ‘Chef of the Year,’ and is extremely diligent at the competition level. Michael "Miv" Pedersen's high level of ambition shines through clearly in Restaurant Glashuset.


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