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The experienced Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth is in charge of the new restaurant on top of the old grain silo in Nordhavn. Restaurant Silo opened in mid-November 2017.

The man behind

Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth is the man behind the famous restaurant Koefoed. With him in front of the new Restaurant Silo, there is good reason to look forward to a visit to Nordhavnen's new eatery.

Dinner at 62 meters altitude

At Restaurant Silo you can have dinner 62 meters above the ground on the 17th floor of the converted grain silo in Nordhavn. From the top, there is a phenomenal panoramic view over the city and the sea and this view itself is worth a visit. In addition, the place is over the top in terms of food, decor and service.

A place for everyone

For Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth it is crucial that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Silo. Therefore, Restaurant Silo is not an expensive gourmet restaurant, making crazy, futuristic experiments with the culinary - as the futuristic architecture may otherwise invite them to. The menu is based on fresh produce and great taste and the prices are kept in a certain middle level in order to make sure that the place is not only for the elite.

Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth explains:

"We will make a place where the food is like the room, the view and the light. A place that is basalt ... where everything is good and bright as the room ... we do not think it's reserved for the elite ... everyone should be able to enjoy this phenomenal place."

The Menu

The menu changes according to season and mood. Choose the Silo Collection, a 4-course menu composed of the chef for 455, - or discover the a la carte card filled with appetizers, main courses, cheeses and sweets. Restaurant Silo also welcomes you for lunch with a separate a la carte menu. In addition, you are always welcome to stop by for a delicious cocktail, a good glass of wine and a few smaller bar snacks like parmesan breadsticks, duroc ham or oysters.


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