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Søtoftes Gårdmejeri Sunday Event

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Søtoftes Gårdmejeri Sunday Event
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Søtoftes Gårdmejeri Sunday Event

Restaurant 56° has invited our farmer from "Søtoftes Gårdmejeri" to talk about their agriculture. This farm possibly has Denmark's happiest cows and chickens. All dishes will contain products from Søtofte. Eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese.

15:30 Welcome drinks & Finnish Karelian rice pie with eggs from Søtoftes.

16:00 4 course menu
Søtoftes Søblå cheese, pumpkin, pecan, sherry.
Søtoftes fresh cheese tortellini, boullion of roasted vegetables.
Signature bread and Søtoftes yoghurt.
Søtoftes dairy cow, sauce bordelaise, vegetables from the farm.
Søtoftes milk ice cream, black sesame.

19:00 Coffee / tea.

The event will be in English.

Price per person DKK 575 (excl. fee)

Available add on: Wine menu 4 glasses for DKK 350.

Provider of the experience is:

Krudtløbsvej 8
1439 København K