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Nimb Brasserie - København V
Nimb Brasserie
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Prices from 1,500 DKK per person

Nimb Brasserie’s Grand Seafood Platter

Jump aboard Nimb Brasserie’s Grand Seafood Platter and look forward to all the best the...

Darling - Bistro & Bar - København K
Darling - Bistro & Bar
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Prices from 245 DKK per person

DinnerDays på Darling - Bistro & Bar

Til DinnerDays tilbyder Darling følgende menu: Forret Slider med friterede Rejer samt...

The Secret Garden - København K
The Secret Garden
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Prices from 2,295 DKK per person

New Years Eve at Hotel Skt Petri

Join us for a New Year's Eve to remember! Our talented chefs have curated a feast to delight...