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Grefsenkollen is the capital's best-located restaurant with panoramic views and seasonal food on the menu.


Picturesque surroundings

Few restaurants in Oslo can boast of residing in such an incredible environment as Grefsenkollen. The view of the city and the fjord is breathtaking. It is the perfect backdrop for a dining experience.

The cozy dining room is cut off from the city's noise and stress but still relatively close to downtown Oslo. The trip takes just about 20 minutes by car, and it is definitely worth it.


Varied menu

Grefsenkollen aims for you to come by often. They have worked hard to create an inviting atmosphere in the restaurant, and here you can enjoy yourself from early in the day until late in the evening. Stop by for a light lunch, homemade pizza (really good!), a cold beer or a simple snack.

At noon, seasonal ingredients are on the board, and you can choose between a 3- and 5-course menu. The restaurant can tempt you with classic Norwegian dishes such as poached salmon with beetroot, fresh snow, and dill. Or perhaps veal entrecote with caramelized parsnips, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and baked garlic sauce is more to your taste.

The dessert is an exotic banana cake served with pineapple, rum caramel, and lemongrass ice cream. The beer and wine menu are also extensive and exciting.


The perfect place to host events

Are you planning a party but lack a venue? Grefsenkollen might be what you are looking for. The restaurant lends its adventurous premises for all kinds of events such as weddings, anniversaries and company parties. The restaurant also has a separate meeting room.

This is also a place for magical outdoor concerts, and many renowned troubadours have visited Grefsenkollen over the years. In the summer, the restaurant organizes its very own music festival, namely OverOslo. The festival has over 15,000 visitors each summer. There are, therefore, many reasons to leave the city for a few hours and take a detour to Grefsenkollen.


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