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Welcome to Fiskekrogen! Here you can enjoy the view of Henningsvær harbour and experience great culinary joy from the open kitchen. A visit here is suitable after a trip to the mountains or as part of a solemn celebration.


Lofoten's first fish restaurant

Fiskekrogen resides in the middle of Henningsvær harbour, which is one of Norway's oldest fishing villages in the Vestfjord. The restaurant is surrounded by sea to the south, west and east. To the north, you will have a fantastic view of Festvågtinden and Vågakallen, which is the municipality's highest mountain.

Fiskekrogen was established in 1989 by Else Marie Larsen and Otto Asheim as the first fish restaurant in Lofoten. Fiskekrogen started with 44 seats and a brown pub. Here, the classic fish soup was prepared and served, which has been their trademark for all these years. In the early 2000s, they built a new restaurant, which increased capacity to 90 guests.

Fiskekrogen divides the year into three main seasons, and by doing so, you can experience various unique dishes throughout the year. They want to give guests the best that the seasons have to offer, namely ingredients. Therefore, their menus will be the result of the tastes and impressions surrounding you.


February to April

After a quiet month in January, the season begins with the fish reception opening as the harbour is full of sharks and the streets come to life. During these months you can experience weather differences. You can also enjoy the sight of the Aurora Borealis and experience Lofoten fishing.

Lofoten fishing can be dated back to the Viking Age, and it is important for the weather that this tradition is maintained. The cod migrate to the coast to spawn, and fishing for Skreien is the most important seasonal fishing in Norway. You can, among other things, get a traditional serving of cod, liver and roe, or try the delicacy cod tongues, delivered by local cuttlefish.


May to September

The grass is getting greener, the sun is finally starting to shine, and the midnight sun is making its progress. Life will be buzzing in the streets as it fills up with tourists from all over the world, and the harbour is full of leisure boats and sailboats.

They will have 25 employees ready to provide the best service, and the outdoor restaurant opens. You can enjoy shrimp with Henningsvær's best view. You will experience a vibrant and lively restaurant where table reservations are a must. Bar North opens every night for a drink or two.


The pre-Christmas adventure in November and December

The colder days are coming, and the days are getting shorter. At Fiskekrogen, you can enjoy a warm atmosphere with a blazing fire in the fireplace and traditional Christmas food.

Henningsvær transforms into one of Norway's most cozy Christmas streets with Christmas lights, Christmas trees


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