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Lofthus Samvirkelag Røa

"Residents of Oslo west no longer need to travel to the city centre to eat well, Black Napkins delivers impeccable omakase at Røa." - The restaurant guide, DN

A breath of fresh air at Røa's new meeting place

In the middle of Røa Torg, you will find a large glass building that houses both Åpent Bakery, Lofthussamvirkelag pizza and Black Napkins. Black Napkins is a restaurant that focuses on Japanese delicacies and sushi. With a large floor on the ground level and a mezzanine, there are a total of 150 seats in the house, in addition to an extra 100 when it is warm enough to dine outside.

Bread during the day, pizza in the evening

During the day, Åpent Bakeri keeps the ovens warm, and Lofthus Samvirkelag takes over in the evening. The restaurant is characterized by its cosy atmosphere and really good pizza. You can order pizza from 4 pm.

Innovative red and white pizza

Lofthus Samvirkelag's pizzas are so delicious that most guests cannot resist humming "mmmm!" and they have been doing so ever since the first restaurant was opened at Torshov in 2010. The menu is divided into two categories: red and white pizza. Here, however, they do not strive to make pizza as in Naples, but rather focus on reinventing and come with their own innovative take on it. A favourite on the menu is the white pizza with reindeer carpaccio from Røros with pomegranate and red onion. If you are more into red pizza, their Parma pizza is also an excellent choice. In any case - with 16 different pizzas, you will find one that will satisfy your hunger and tingle your tastebuds.

The restaurant also has a fine selection of natural wine, champagne and various sparkling wines.

Black Napkins – everyday luxury with Japanese omakase

A staircase and a sliding door separate the intimate omakase restaurant from the pizza restaurant. Omakase means that you let the chef decide what to eat. You can safely do that at Black Napkins. Here, you will be served 10 surprising and exciting dishes. You can either sit at the table or in the Omakase bar where you can watch the chefs in action. If you are a larger company, you can also rent a separate "Chambre séparée".


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