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The KEST restaurant is on Valmieras iela 1, in Cēsis, Latvia. The building is located in what used to be a fire station. Now there is restaurant KEST, which is a new and modern restaurant that will have a focus on Latvian cuisine as well as seasonal dishes.


About KEST

The KEST restaurant was made for people who love to look at classic things in a slightly unclassical light. At KEST, you'll find delicious and exquisitely crafted flavours from all over the world. The building has been renovated and painted so that it can now be used as an exclusive restaurant. The interior is rustic, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere. There are light blue chairs to sit in and white linen clothed tables. Atop the tables, there are shiny wine glasses, well-lit candles and plants.


Chef and Co-Owner

The chef and co-owner Māris Jansons is one of the best chefs in Latvia. His vast experience at the top of Latvian cuisine and creative approach will delight even the most demanding gourmets. He has replaced the streets of Riga with the charming town of Cesis, which is the birthplace of Jansons. The reason for opening the exclusive and modern restaurant in his hometown was to go back to his roots as well as get Cesis higher up on the culinary map and give Kest both Latvian recognition as well as global.


A Gastronomic Journey

The KEST restaurant is a gastronomic journey. It will take you through a recognizable and yet undiscovered territory of flavour. In the kitchen, there is a focus on using good quality products, as this is very important to Chef Jansons. The dishes will be served in a friendly manner by an incredible staff. The food and atmosphere will leave you with an unforgettable aftertaste that will make you eager to return for more.


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