Our aim is to showcase the philosophy that encompasses everything we think about modern Hungarian gastronomy, from sourcing ingredients to wine selection and serving; to make you feel like you're staying...

Costes Downtown is located in the heart of Budapest at ground level of the elegant Prestige Hotel accessible directly from Zrinyi street and/or through the Hotel’s main entrance door. Costes Downtown...

DOBRUMBA FOGLALÓ EN   We look forward to having you at Dobrumba! Choose your exact date and time, and how many of you will be joining us - see you soon.   For bookings over 15 people, please...

Come and visit us at MoszkvaTéЯ Bistro and get aligned with the Eastern-European flavours and food specialities at Fő utca 30!

Our roots are in Latin America and Asia, and the food we cook draws on our mother’s and grandmother’s recipes. In our Soul Flavours menu, tastes, techniques and traditions meet and combine with local...

Like Dobrumba, the Pingrumba restaurant in Buda was inspired by our travels, but beyond the already familiar Mediterranean region, we are now venturing even further east. We still have half a foot in...

Stand25 is the joy of cuisine taken as seriously as possible by Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll on the Buda side of the city, walking distance from Chain Bridge. It’s an exciting detour for the chef...

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