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Feel free to step in, we don't stiffen! Your new block restaurant on the Tehtaankatu ”Rööperbahn” street opens in March. Experience Helsinki's most relaxed restaurant, where you can enjoy life's great joys! Schnitzels are our thing.

Santpauli style schnitzels are made from pork, veal, chicken, fish, and even vegan. You can select the side dishes and sauces according to your own taste. Schnitzels are fried golden crispy and enjoyed with suitable drinks. Our motto is relaxation in the dining room, no compromises in the kitchen.

he cuisine also includes Flammkuchens, thin fire crusts, in which we have a wide selection of amazing flavors. You can share them, for example, as an appetizer. The crown of the treat is the freshly baked sourdough waffles.

At Santpauli you can enjoy comfort food and lovely drinks amid the cheerful chatter of people. The bar counter is located in the heart of the restaurant, and you can also see a glimpse of the kitchen while you are eating. From the large windows, you can watch the life and joy of the street, and in the summer you can enjoy the green street terrace. For dinner parties we even have a private room for 14 people.

Whether you’re having a short or a long evening. Alone, as a couple, or with a group. Laughter for life – schnitzel for sweethearts!



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