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Juttutupa is one of the oldest restaurants in Helsinki. Juttutupa, aka Juttis, manages to maintain cosy beer house type atmosphere that is simultaneusly bohemian, traditional and easy-going. This is a place where hectic lifestyle of a city won't reach.


Laid-back atmosphere, uncomplicated food

Juttutupa is genuine, unique and refreshingly folksy. It can accommodate both ordinary citizens in Helsinki, also art workers and city dwellers who enjoy the glitzy life. Neighboring theater guests and performers have also become quite fond of Juttutupa. Social geniality, live music and uncomplicated food are essential elements of Juttutupa. People often stay to enjoy good company and great food for a long time.

In addition to chatting, the traditional social acitivity in which the name Juttutupa refers, Juttutupa offers food for the soul in the form of wide and varied live music. The versatile performers entertain the crowd each in their unique way. 

Step inside and make yourself a home!


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