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When entering Nyhavn, it is only a matter of time before you stumble upon Cap horn. Here, you can enjoy good food with a view of the beautiful wooden boats, the harbour, and the colourful houses. 

A historical address 

Nyhavn is known for its vibrant atmosphere and charming address. This area is popular among both locals and tourists. If you are going to Copenhagen for the first time, Nyhavn is a must-visit. Every single building, every single boat, every single place and corner has its own story, which can be just as colourful as the colour of the buildings. This is also the case for Cap Horn, which used to be the hang-out place for thirsty seamen and women of easy virtue. Today, unrestrainedness is replaced with a high awareness of local produce of high quality. 

Danish bistro with fresh produce 

Cap Horn is a modern, Danish bistro, where traditions and Danish classics are interpreted in new, creative ways. Here, they are attentive to details and the Danish food traditions while rethinking new ways to present the food. Behind the stove, the chefs are busy preparing every meal from scratch, which is something they take pride in. The sourdough bread is homemade, the butter hand-churned, and their crème fraîche and buttermilk are soured on the premises. The menu contains meals prepared from fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits. The quality is high all along the line and you will be able to tell from their vegetables, meat, coffee, tea, and beer. 

A Tholstrup restaurant 

Cap Horn is owned by the Tholstrup family, who administrate a total of nine restaurants in Copenhagen. They have Huks Fluks, Bøf & Ost, Peder Oxe, and Simple Raw on Gråbrødre Torv and Nyhavns Færgekro and Kompasset in Nyhavn. All Tholstrup restaurants have the following things in common: a passion for quality, a love for seasonal produce and profound respect for the value that is enjoying a meal with one another. 


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