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Restaurant Asador is located in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. When reserving a table at Restaurant Asador, you can look forward to a traditional, authentic Argentine food experience. Here, they serve Argentine steaks from the barbecue with different garniture you can share among your company.

Taste Argentina

Both starters, main courses, and desserts are traditional, authentic Argentine dishes. For instance, you can enjoy fried provolone cheese or delicious, homemade Empanadas for starters. For mains, you can order the Argentine national dish, Parrillada Argentina, which consists of Tenderloin, ribeye, homemade chorizo, and sweetbread. For dessert, you can find classics such as Dulce de Leche and Don Pedro on the menu. The wine comes from the most acknowledged vineyards in Argentina. The main cepage is Malbec and it shows on Asador’s wine menu. 

Authentic Argentine tradition

The Argentine owner of Asador, Juan josé Nissen, also runs the Argentine restaurant Fuego in Holbergsgade. Whereas Fuego serves Argentine dishes with inspiration from the Mediterranean, Asador stays an authentic Argentine steakhouse. The restaurant opened back in 2007 and ever since, they have served big, Argentine steaks and exquisite Argentine wine. 

Meat from the barbecue

The name Asador refers to a restaurant that serves meat from the barbecue. Assador originates from the verb ‘asado’ which means ‘to grill’ in Spanish. They live up to the name as they grill the Argentine way. Here, they slow-grill an entire piece of meat that will be cut into servings when it is done. The meat is served with matching wine and a selection of their homemade garniture. For instance, you can accompany the steak with patatas fritas, vegetales de campo or the famous, Argentine salsa, Chimichurri. 

Bring Argentina with you home 

At Asador, you can experience the true Argentine feel with great service and a cosy decorated room. However, you can bring home the Argentine specialities if you feel like staying at home. Asador has a takeaway menu and you can order takeaway every day of the week.


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