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Esbjerg Street Food

Are you interested in tasting food from all corners of the world? Then Esbjerg Street Food is the ideal place for you, where you'll find a wide range of cuisine from Italy, Morocco, Vietnam, Greece, the USA, and Denmark.

Food from all corners of the world under one roof

Imagine walking through an exciting market filled with enticing aromas, vibrant colors, and a constant buzz of happy people - that's exactly what you'll find at Esbjerg Street Food. When you step into their premises, you'll be greeted by a wide selection of stalls and food stands offering everything from authentic Asian dishes to juicy burgers, freshly made sushi, delicious Mexican tacos, and much more.

Esbjerg Street Food consists of 7 food stalls, each passionate about their area and craft. They offer food for every taste, where there's ample opportunity for every family member to have their food wishes fulfilled. It's a journey around the world on a plate, and you don't even need to leave Esbjerg to take it.

A social hub with space for everyone

Esbjerg Street Food aims to create a space that brings people closer together. Therefore, through their design, they have divided their house into several different areas so that their guests can choose according to mood, occasion, comfort, and mood.

You'll find cozy corners with sofa areas, small tables with chairs, long tables with benches and communal dining vibes, as well as a lovely courtyard that is especially popular in the summer months. With communal tables and a relaxed atmosphere, it's the ideal place to meet with friends, family, or even new people while sharing and exploring the different dishes.

Cozy restaurants with a short distance to Esbjerg's city center

Combine a visit to one of the 7 food stalls with exploring the city. Esbjerg Street Food has an excellent location in the middle of the pedestrian zone with good parking facilities. When you're done with your meals, you can proceed directly to the wonderful shops that Esbjerg is known for.


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