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Superbello in Vanløse serves delicious Italian dishes that taste as if you were in the boot country yourself. The cozily furnished rooms at Jernbane Allé invite you inside to a well-considered menu, which offers a great selection of snacks, starters, main courses, Italian pizzas and desserts. There is also a smaller cocktail menu to explore.

A cozy Italian restaurant in Vanløse where the atmosphere is top-notch, and the scent of fresh basil, hot pasta dishes and oregano fill every inch of the room. If you were not hungry before you came, then you are definitely as soon as you enter the front doors.

In Italy, it is normal to eat late and sit at the table for hours and talk with one another. The ambition behind Superbello is to create a place where people enjoy coming by for a drink after work, hanging out after dinner, sipping cocktails and continuing the talks.

Taste a little bit of everything

Less is more. That is how the menu is put together at Superbello, and it is a good sign in many people's books because it is better to do a few things to perfection than to bite off more than you can chew.

At Superbello, the idea is that you should have the opportunity to taste more than just one thing from the menu. It is, therefore, possible to share a pizza and then order various small dishes to share around the table. Try, for example, tuna carpaccio, pizza with burrata, creamy risotto, cheese and gelato.

The pizzas are crispy and thin, made on sourdough and topped with organic tomatoes from Naples and organic mozzarella from their own dairy farm.


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