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At Gershøj Kro & Strandhotel in Kirke Hyllinge, they have their core values in order the pursuit of excellent taste. Here, they serve Danish Nordic gastronomy with a flair for creativity, and fresh fish is often on the menu.

The steady focal point of the fishing town

A stone's throw from the waves of Roskilde Fjord lies Gershøj Kro & Strandhotel, where you can enjoy your meal to the sound of waves and the scent of the sea and beach. When the weather allows, you can take a seat on the house terrace. Gershøj Kro has been a steadfast focal point for the inhabitants of this small fishing village for many years. Nowadays, fishing mainly consists of recreational anglers, but the inn has retained its place in people's consciousness.

Danish-Nordic cooking with fresh fish

The style is characterized by Danish-Nordic cooking, but always with room for creative expression. As the water is right in their backyard, Chef Gabriel and his team particularly enjoy serving dishes with fish. Here, you can savour classic open-faced sandwiches (smørrebrød), delicious dishes with steamed mussels, fried eel, or a fresh plaice. And when the weather allows, you can, of course, sit on the terrace.

Large banquet hall for your celebrations

Gershøj Kro also boasts a lovely, spacious banquet hall with room for many dining guests. The perfect place to celebrate life's significant milestones such as milestone birthdays, baptisms, confirmations, or wedding receptions. And if the party ends a little too late, there's a solution for that too. On the first floor, there are nine delightful rooms and an apartment with three bedrooms, so you can easily combine your visit to Gershøj Kro with an overnight stay.


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