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Det Glade Vanvid Odense

Det Glade Vanvid is located on Vestergade in Odense. Their dining rooms are newly renovated and beautiful. The quality of their seasonal produce is as high as their ambitions - sky-high! When you order a table at Det Glade Vanvid, you can look forward to a dining experience out of the ordinary.

Brothers behind the restaurants 

Det Glade Vanvid opened the doors to their first restaurant back in 2008 in Aarhus. The people behind the restaurants are the Koch brothers; Lasse, Michael, and Jesper Koch. At Vanvid, the mantra is “everything you can’t live without is at your disposal - and everything you could hope for is of course there as well”. That is why you can have an evening with a glass of bubbly and end it with a nightcap. One of the brothers, Jesper, is working on other projects, but the remaining brothers are still running Det Glade Vanvid.

Pure luxury from beginning to the end

When you take a seat at one of the tables at Det Glade Vanvid, you will get the full package. Throughout the entire evening, the staff will guide you through the meals. An evening at Det Glade Vanvid starts with an appetizer and a glass of bubbly followed by three tasty servings that are inspired by the season and the surrounding nature. Along with this, you can choose freely from some selected wines, beer, soda and sirup water. To conclude the evening, you will get a nice dessert, coffee, and a nightcap of the head chef's choosing. 

Decent prices

At Det Glade Vanvid, they believe that good food should not have to cost you a fortune. A meal costs 400 kr on the weekdays and 699 kr at the weekend. For this price, you will get a complete dining experience designed by two of the best chefs in the country. The kitchen gets its inspiration from nature and the best produce of the season. They change the menu six times a year. In that way, they ensure that you get the best and freshest greens of the season. The dinner lasts for three hours on the weekdays and four hours at the weekend. There is a menu for everyone, so if you or someone in your group are vegans, pescetarians, or allergic to gluten, you just have to inform the restaurant when reserving a table. Then they will design a delicious menu that fits you or your company’s dietary preferences. 

Thought for detail

Their goal is to create an ultimate experience for their guests. The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy and the food tastes like heaven. The waiters are highly routined and very friendly. They are looking forward to attending to your needs all night long. 


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