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Hesnæs Havn


The harbor in Hesnæs has a bakery, a small colonial, a good place to eat and much more that is worth a visit.
It has been quiet in Hesnæs Harbor for many years. An elevated tranquility surrounded by raw nature and with a beautiful forest, as an inviting back wall. But also a lack of past activity. A real harbor life with the scent of tar, smoked fish, the toughness of the cutters and loud laughter in the fish sale and from the fishermen's boats.

We cannot turn the clock around to that time, but in the spirit of the place, we have opened up shop.
One of the three yarn houses opened its gates this summer. The yarn house is divided into two rooms. We call it the Kitchen Hall. It hosts a bakery, a patisserie and a kitchen and in the room next door - Spisehallen - light dishes are served in a relaxed atmosphere. Come and pick up your daily bread made with sourdough, buy a pastry cake, take home dinner or sit down with a cold beer, a good glass of wine or a cup of coffee - and enjoy the view. And all this also makes sense for sailors who can dock again and get provisions. Our hope is that once again the harbor will be worth an excursion, or a a cozy place to eat, where we gather locally sourced produce and raw materials, both from our own fields and nearby suppliers.


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