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India Royale Esbjerg

Indian restaurant and take away
Do you need a nice evening out with lots of good taste? Then it is obvious to go to a restaurant in Esbjerg. In Esbjerg you will find us well located - close to everything, so it is an obvious opportunity to swing past us. Visit on a weekday to spice up your life a bit or book a table for dinner on the weekend and new all your and our Indian favorites. We serve food made from scratch in good quality. From the moment you enter the restaurant in Esbjerg, you can smell the hot spices and herbs, which send your thoughts to warmer skies.

Explore the menu
If you visit our restaurant in Esbjerg, you can be sure to have an experience beyond the ordinary. We serve Indian food made from scratch from high quality ingredients. Our dishes are inspired by North Indian cuisine, where the good tastes go hand in hand with the North Indian traditions. With us, good taste is paramount.
At our restaurant in Esbjerg you will find many favorites on our menu and we select the best ingredients so that our guests can experience the best dishes. With us, you will experience great authenticity, and you will not regret your visit with us.

Dive into a sea of ​​North Indian dishes. Among other things, enjoy the always popular Butter Chicken, where the delicious chicken is cooked in butter and served in a delicious creamy sauce. You can also throw your love over the vegetarian Palak Paneer, which contains homemade cottage cheese, which is prepared with spinach and spices and together it forms a creamy sauce. And if you are a guest at our restaurant in Esbjerg, you can order one or more naan breads, which we make in our tandoori oven - from scratch. Everything on our menu at the restaurant in Esbjerg is made from scratch, so you can be sure to be able to put your teeth into good food.

Do you want to bring home the Indian good taste?
If you want to eat at home instead of visiting our restaurant in Esbjerg, it is of course possible to order takeaway. You can get all the delicious North Indian dishes home to yourself in a cozy familiar setting. It is also possible to order special menus, children's menus and our very popular mango lassi - all can be bought to-go.

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