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Come inside for a splendid Asian meal made with love, creativity, and high-quality produce. 

Creative Asian meals filled with love

At Keyser Social, they like to work around the norms and expectations. Instead, they wish to explore the Asian kitchen and all of its facets. Keyser Social creates Asian meals with references to the Nordic kitchen, which is a delight to the eyes and taste buds. You can look forward to tasty and colourful meals from an Asian kitchen that uses delicious and fresh produce from the North. 

Simple meals with lots of taste

The menu is filled with tasty meals from the Asian kitchen. The meals are simple but they are filled with flavour. Moreover, the meals are easy to share. If you are going for the 10 to 12-course meals, you are in for a flavourful ride. At Keyser Social, they have a menu with creative and tasty meals and attentive staff. They have chosen the best elements from the Fine Dining universe and combined them with a cosy, personal, and informal atmosphere. Together this becomes Nice Dining.

Company dinners at Keyser Social

Are you at a loss as to where you should have your next company dinner? At Keyser Social, you can get a private room with space for max 20 persons. If your company is smaller, you can take a seat at one of the round tables, where it is a bit more private. 

Experienced owners

Keyser Social is a partnership between the restaurateurs, Daniel Olsen and Kristian Johann Valentin and the company DiningSix. DiningSix has a lot of popular restaurants such as Köd, Basso, and Klokken in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Oslo.


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