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Does a warm French kitchen with a cool atmosphere in Christianshavn sound appealing to you? Then Café Krøyers in Christianshavn is the place for you.

Café Krøyers is located in the classic Christianshavn - one of the most romantic and vibrant areas in Copenhagen, where the café has a lovely location close to the water. But when you step into Café Krøyers' premises, you can immediately feel a very special atmosphere. It's not just any Christianshavn café, but a café that offers an atmosphere like Paris in grandma's living room. You won't find that many other places!

Authentic café with a Parisian expression

Since 2018, Café Krøyers has welcomed guests into their cozy, authentic café, where through their interior design, they have managed to create some frames and an atmosphere. With their recycled furniture in velour and softly coordinated colors, their decor quickly gives the feeling of being in a Parisian café.

A local café that cares for its guests

The owners of Café Krøyers grew up in Paris, where it is customary for the local café to be a regular haunt, where you are recognized, and the waiter knows what you want. Therefore, the dream was also to create a place for regulars, where you feel seen and remembered.

Whether you are a regular customer or a first-time visitor, it doesn't matter, as Café Krøyer only wants the best for their customers. Everyone is welcome, and they strive to make it always a good experience to come to Café Krøyers.

A mix of French and Danish cuisine

On the food front, Café Krøyer mixes the French with the Danish. On the menu, you can find both classic French dishes and baked goods.

Every Friday, the French atmosphere is turned up, where the café has Tarte flambee on the menu, which has received an impressive 5-star rating in Politiken. On Sundays, they host their Sunday brunch, where they have a wide selection of delicious treats


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