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At Cafe Nokken we work to challenge the standard.
We believe that the beer should be filled to the edge of the glass, not to the line on the glass.
We want to challenge the standard by being open all year round, every day of the week, because we believe that there is life in Odsherred, even in winter.
Nokken is a family-run cafe, we have roots in Nykøbing and everyone in the family lives in the city.
We spend part of our profits on supporting local associations and other local institutions with sponsorships and experiences.
We always do our utmost to give you and your family an experience beyond the ordinary.
We only use products of the highest quality, but at prices where everyone can participate.
We have chosen to only serve food that we ourselves love. The menu is simple but varied.
The cafe is decorated modern, framed by large windows overlooking the water and the surrounding house-boats.


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