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Atelier 33

The French-inspired restaurant Atelier 33 has taken the Aarhusians by storm! Since they were first able to welcome guests inside the living room in the spring of 2021, happy guests have come and gone with big smiles on their lips.


Welcome to the workshop

You will find Atelier 33 on M. P Bruuns Gade 33 in Aarhus, close to shops and the rest of the buzzing life in the city of smiles. The name means “workshop,” and that is what the goal of the place here is: to create a workshop where people enjoy coming together for dining experiences.

Here, good craftsmanship, raw materials, presence, and quality are combined. Among other things, the guests praise Atelier 33 for their thoughtful service, the warm atmosphere in the room, and of course, the food on the plate.


French menu and European wines at reasonable prices

The kitchen is open every day of the week for lunch and dinner, where the menu sparkles with dishes such as oysters, foie gras, stirred tartar, ribeye and many other suggestions that will make your mouth water. If you are looking for a tasty dessert, you can look forward to a classic creme brûlée. Choose freely from the menu or have the chef put together a seasonal 4-course menu.

The prices are at a level where everyone can participate with dishes from DKK 28 to DKK 288. The price for four dishes is DKK 400. Atelier 33 also has a well-stocked wine list with wines from most of Europe. You are always welcome to ask for recommendations, good advice, and guidance.


The team behind Atelier 33

Kenny, Frederik and Lasse are the stars behind Atelier 33. All three are talented restaurateurs who previously worked at the renowned Restaurant ET.

Together, they are a bulletproof team that knows how to navigate the French culinary traditions. "Our ambition is to create a place that combines presence, quality, craftsmanship and good ingredients," the boys write, and they seem to have succeeded quite well.


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