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Welcome inside at Vores Vinbar. Vores Vinbar is a community where friends and family can meet in a cozy, informal setting and enjoy a glass of wine and delicious dishes without it costing a fortune.


Wine, dishes and good company at reasonable prices

Can you not get enough of the combination of tasty wines, food and good company either? Then Vores Vinbar is just the place for you. You will find Vores Vinbar on the ground floor at Sønder Boulevard no. 105 - right in the middle of one of the city's most hip neighbourhoods.

Come inside, enjoy a tasty glass of wine and maybe some food. The prices are set at a reasonable level, so there is no danger of your bank account being empty after a night out. You can look forward to a bit of everything when speaking of wines: natural wine, traditional wine, orange wine and bubbles.


A place where friends meet and new communities emerge

Vores Vinbar was founded by good friends who enjoy being together and creating memorable experiences. Here friends can meet friends, and new communities can emerge across social circles and geography. After all, conversations flow the easiest when wine flows in the veins.


Cheese, charcuterie and other delicacies

Vores Vinbar is one big community where everyone is equal, and everyone goes to great lengths to create the best setting. They have a great collaboration with the suppliers, and the team often goes to the south themselves to pick up various delicacies for their guests.

On the menu, you will find, among other things, beautiful terrines, cheeses from all over the world and charcuterie of the best quality. And if you are still hungry after dinner, a little sweet to supplement the coffee late in the evening is always good. They recommend the house's almond confection from the South of France!


Events: wine tasting, intimate concerts and literature evenings

At Vores Vinbar, they regularly invite guests to events where friends come and tell all about what they know about wine. You can also be invited to intimate concerts, literary talks and other exciting events in different genres. The one thing you can be sure of is that you are leaving Vores Vinbar with new knowledge and insight into a topic.


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