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Det Glade Vanvid Viborg

Now not only Aarhus, Randers and Copenhagen can boast of having Det Glade Vanvid. The Koch Brothers now invite you inside for exclusive all-inclusive dinners in their restaurant Det Glade Vanvid in Viborg. Viborg joins the team with the same high level and good atmosphere. Come inside, sit back and enjoy a meal where not even the slightest thing is missing.


The Koch Brothers

Lasse, Michael and Jesper started Det Glade Vanvid back in 2008. The baseline for the restaurant was, "Everything you can’t live without is there – and all the things you can only hope for are there without saying.” From there, they have built an incredible chef-imperium and have the renowned quality-stamp on their front door.

Since then, Jesper Koch has gone solo with other exciting culinary projects, but Lasse and Michael still maintain Det Glade Vanvid. The many hungry guests are always happy here, and for that reason, empty tables are a rare sight.


All-inclusive gastronomy

Every single guest receives VIP treatment at Det Glade Vanvid. The waiters and chefs guide you through the gastronomic experience, and together, they provide several hours of remarkable tastes that are all centred around you.

Their philosophy is that great food should not have to empty your bank account. For DKK 399 on weekdays and DKK 599 on weekends, you get an entire evening where each serving is put together with meticulous care by two of the country's best chefs. The evening is spent in company with friendly staff in casual surroundings that have a dash of minimalism.

Some of the things you can look forward to when dining here are:

• Appetizer and cava

• Three servings with inspiration from nature

• Selected wines

• Beer, juice, soda, and ice water

• Homemade bread with herbs

• Chef’s choice of Avec

• Coffee, tea, and sweets


Book a reservation at Det Glade Vanvid now to ensure a night full of tasty experiences and great company.


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