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Peter Beier Hørsholm

Treat yourself or someone you love to a Peter Beier chocolate experience. At his cafés, you can, among other things, enjoy a tailor-made chocolate brunch or tapas as well as heaps of tasty drinks.


Recognized and award-winning chocolatier

Peter Beier is a trained chocolatier from Denmark, England, Belgium, Spain, and France. His skills in the industry have earned him a well-deserved seat among the other titans within the field. Already at the age of 22, he was head of the chocolate production at Magasin du Nord. In 1996, he created a chocolate empire in his name, and today Peter Beier Chocolate is known for its high quality, beautiful design, and delicious taste.


Chocolate brunch, tapas, and afternoon tea

In Peter Beier's cafés and chocolate lounges, you can experience a world of chocolate, unlike anything you have experienced before. Start your day with a chocolate brunch consisting of sweet temptations from the sweet, salty, and sour kitchen. The brunch offers a chocolate spread, chocolate-dipped strawberries, flambéed grapefruit with cocoa nibs, skyr with homemade chocolate muesli, seasonal dragé almonds, apple-smoked cheese, and truffle salami. Along with all these tasty treats, they serve sourdough buns. You can also try their Chocolate Tapas or Afternoon Tea, which is full of glorious elements.

Experience brunch, tapas and much more at one of Peter Beier's chocolate lounges on Store Kongensgade, Axel Towers, in Stenløse, in Valby, in Østerbro or Malmö.


Sustainable production

Peter Beier Chocolate is a family business, and its headquarters reside at Ørsholt Estate, just a little north of Copenhagen. They live where they work and work where they live. The business has a philosophy, “from farm to plate,” based on the goal of creating 100% handmade products using only the best ingredients.

At the plantation of the estate, they grow a large part of the organic materials, which are later found in their products. They have fruit trees, berry bushes and nuts, all of which are organic and sustainable. Peter Beier grows the chocolate at his plantation in the Dominican Republic to ensure the beans get all the necessary sun and strength.


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