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Restaurant Niels Juel

Come by Restaurant Niels Juel in Klitmøller and enjoy beautiful views of the North Sea, fresh fish, and good company.


Perhaps Denmark's best view

Thy and Klitmøller are known for their raw and beautiful nature, and it offers lots of experiences both on land and at sea. Rumours of the temperamental waves have reached every corner of the world. Many water-loving surfers make the pilgrimage to the so-called ‘Cold Hawaii’ to challenge the sea's fiery temperament on a surfboard.

At the center of Thy National Park is a gem of a restaurant. The name is Niels Juel, and the place boasts one of the country’s best views with only 20 meters to the rushing North Sea. The menu, not surprisingly, offers freshly caught fish, which the talented kitchen chefs plate beautifully.


Quality over quantity

The restaurant is named after the infamous sea hero Niels Juel and the history of the place goes back to 1975. The restaurant exudes maritime details and an old-fashioned, cozy atmosphere. Here, the focus is on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, you will not find a single-length menu full of different dishes but rather well-chosen meals that taste great.

The kitchen is open for lunch and dinner, and the menu offers well-known dishes such as Moules Frites, Stjerneskud, prawns and beef tenderloin. You can try their popular fish buffet in the summer, which offers more than 14 different fish dishes.


Sustainable principles

Restaurant Niels Juel is a big advocate for its local environment. Therefore, the restaurant also picks its ingredients around the area and as far as possible. The fish is caught in Hanstholm, and it is 100 percent sustainable.

Their wines originate from European producers to save them from a boat trip to the US or other long-distance destinations. Fortunately, there are lots of good wines from Europe.


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