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Hyttefadet in Nyhavn is one of the street's oldest pubs, and they are proud to preserve the traditions. The decor is authentic, the menu is Danish and the drinks offer a bit of everything. Here you can discover the stories of sailors and the sea in the murals.

A slice of the old Nyhavn
If you want a taste of the old Nyhavn, then you have to make your way past Hyttefadet. That Nyhavn where the sailors of the sea sat and chattered along to a sage while they toasted Fernet Branca. That Nyhavn, where easy-living lady carpenters sat on the lap of each and every one. Over time, Hyttefadet has functioned as the Saylors' post office, as they were often away for long periods at a time.

Today, the joy girls and sailors are gone, but the stories still live on, and one of them can be experienced in the murals along the brown panels at Hyttefadet. "A sailor has his own way."

Out on the facade is written "Hyttefadet" written in special letters that look like a rope. Here, too, there is a story about a man who could not pay his bill. The man was a painter, and he therefore entered into an agreement with the owner that he would paint the place's logo on the facade instead. The painter's name was Asger Jorn and is today one of the great artists of recent times.

Cherish the traditions
Due to the place's long history, Hyttefadet's staff take great care to maintain the good service that has attracted people for years. The menu is Danish in the form of traditional dishes and lots of coziness. All that together constitutes the spirit of Hyttefadet.

Here, there are several beers on tap and even more special beers in bottles, and you can also quench your thirst in fine wines, cocktails and hot drinks, so whatever you prefer to toast to, it is possible at Hyttefadet.

Hyttefadet has beer tastings and schnapps tastings, which can be purchased for example with a plate of their freshly buttered smørrebrød.


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