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Pirlo in Amager is truly an Italian gem, where you can indulge in the absolute best of Italian cuisine. Their dishes are based on solid craftsmanship, excellent ingredients, and delightful Italian traditions.

Southern European ambience

Pirlo is an extremely cosy place, exuding plenty of Italian soul and charm, where you can enjoy delicious dishes and fine wines from the charming boot-shaped country. They have some truly pleasant and intimate rooms as well as a highly inviting courtyard. Whether you sit inside or outside, you are guaranteed a fantastic dining experience in beautiful Italian surroundings. Come and settle in comfortably and let the hospitable staff ensure you have a wonderful evening filled with presence and delightful taste experiences.

Italian specialities

At Pirlo, an inviting selection of authentic Italian dishes awaits you. You can choose from an à la carte menu or try their 4-course 'Pirlo Experience' menu. On the menu, you can find delicacies such as coppa di parma, cured scallops, triangoli di melanzane, grilled steak, and plenty of other delectable dishes from the Southern European kitchen. All dishes are prepared using the finest ingredients, ensuring you get the best Italian dining experience possible.

Unique Italian wines with age

Pirlo's wine list exclusively features wines from Era Ora Wines, an exceptional and award-winning wine collection. Era Ora was an Italian restaurant in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, established in 1983. The restaurant had a Michelin Star from 1997 to 2019. Though the restaurant is now closed, the wine collection and import continue to thrive. The wines are exclusively from top Italian producers, and they have been allowed to age in the cellar for the necessary time to reach their full potential. Please note that vintages and availability of wines are subject to change.


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