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Søllerød Kro

On Søllerødvej in Holte you will find the charming and historic Søllerød Kro (Søllerød Inn). For decades the inn with the idyllic location right by the church, castle, forest and pond has been one of the country's best restaurants.


Historic inn

The inn dates back to 1677 when the local priest created the inn for parishioners and travelers. The long history is reflected in the appearance of the building and in the inn's idyllic surroundings. In the kitchen however, the food is not as historical as the inns surroundings.  The chefs work hard to offer the guests a sublime dining experience with first class service and modern culinary experiences.


Classic French cuisine

The kitchen is classic French with a touch of creativity and modern aesthetics. On the menu you'll find gourmet favorites like truffles, caviar and foie gras and these quality ingredients combined with lots of innovation is the core of Søllerød Kro's gourmet kitchen.


A peaceful oasis

The inn is a peaceful oasis not far from Copenhagen. If you need relaxation and a break from the hustle and bustle, then Søllerød Kro is an great place to pamper yourself and those you love. Here you can enjoy gourmet cuisine in the comfort of the old listed building with a great charm from the 1600 century. The restaurant rooms are covered up with silverware, napkins and old-fashioned perfection. And if you come in the summer months, there is also the opportunity to enjoy the food, the scenery, tranquility and good company in their cozy courtyard.


Michelin star chefs

Søllerød Kro has an impressive list of star chefs who have helped shaping the inn through time. For example, Søren Gericke, Michel Michaud, Francis Cardenau, and Jacob the Neergard has been cooking behind the stove at the inn. Today the inn's chef is Brian Mark Hansen, a former employee at Ruths Hotel in Skagen, Kong Hans Kælder and Christiansholm Slot.

In 2007, the restaurant was rewarded with its first Michelin star and it  has cherished it ever since.


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