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Restuarant ND 122 rests easily by Klintholm Harbour. Here they practice the modern kitchen where good craftsmanship combined with pure produce is the main ingredient in every dish. The theme here is to create an authentic atmosphere that is completely down to earth.


Simple a la carte for lunch

At ND122, the menu is based on the seasons and what they have to offer. Chef Jesper Dams Hansen welcomes you to a cozy and special harbour atmosphere. The restaurant offers both lunch - and dinner servings.

For lunch, you can explore a simple a la carte menu, where you can choose between a single dish or the menu of the day, which consists of three tasty dishes.


Tailor-made evening menu

In the evening, Jesper Dams Hansen and the rest of the kitchen have prepared a special menu for their guests. It consists of the best ingredients in terms of meat, vegetables, dairy products and grains.

On the menu, you will be able to experience items such as fresh seafood, lots of vegetables and, of course, something sweet for the taste buds to top off the experience.


A tribute to its origin

ND122 has a fantastic location by the old basins in Klintholm Harbour, and the slightly distinctive name naturally has its own maritime history. The title comes from Jesper Dams Hansen's parents' fishing cutter, and the name is thus a tribute to them and the way they worked their way up. This work ethic was inherited by Jesper as well, and perhaps that is the reason why ND122 is a beloved place for people to enjoy a meal.

No matter the day of the week, the service, atmosphere and taste are all in order, so all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy.


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