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Ree Safari Park

Ree Safari Park is one of Denmark’s leading organisations in nature and animal preservation. Their goal is to provide solutions that contribute to global sustainability and nature preservation. These solutions not only protect the threatened animals from poaching and illegal trades but also contribute to the life quality of the humans that co-exists with the animals.

Dining experiences among the animals

There are loads of options when your stomach starts rumbling. And throughout the year, the beautiful park is booming with events like restaurant evenings and street food festivals at Katanga Hill, Central Station Café, Café Bush Camp, and the street food stands.

Common for all of the events is the high service and gastronomic level. They often host events with extraordinary experiences such as a ride in the steam locomotive Amerika Expressen. Here, you get to go on a ride in a real steam locomotive, which takes you on a journey on the American prairie, where you can see animals such as buffalos, bears, and wolfs.

Streetfood, cafés, and gourmet experiences

Ree Safari Park makes all of the food from scratch and they design the meals with inspiration from the produce of the season.

The street food stands offer all of the classic street foods. They serve burgers, fries, sloppy Joe’s, wraps, and fish and chips, that you can enjoy with a refreshing soda or a cold beer. 

At Café Bush Camp, you can choose between freshly-made pizzas, sandwiches, sausage rolls, salads, and cakes. If you are staying the over for the night, it is also here you can get some delicious breakfast.

You can also enjoy the good atmosphere at Central Station Caféen, which is a lovely blend of a café and a railway station from 1880’s America. Here, you can have a nice lunch with a view over Madagaskar, where the monkeys live. Grab a sandwich, some tapas, fresh baked goods, ice cream, or a cup of coffee.

Katanga Hill is the most adventure-filled function room in Denmark. It is located on top of the lion’s garden with a panorama view of the almighty lions. Here, you can enjoy exquisite gourmet meals while the lions are wandering around on the other side of the windows.


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