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Find FAMO Saxo on Saxogade in inner Vesterbro. It is a modern Osteria, which offers high-quality Italian food in a homely setting.


Star chef behind FAMO

FAMO Saxo is the first of a total of three FAMO restaurants, on Østerbro, Gl. Kongevej and Vesterbro. It opened its doors back in 2005 with an ambition to serve Italian favourites to the Danish people.

The trinity was founded by Morten Kaltoft and Fabbio Mazon. Both have admirable resumes in the restaurant industry. Morten Kaltoft also runs Osteria 16, Spaghetteria, Pizzeria 54 and the Italian grocer MERCATO alongside Emil Alsbo.

Fabbio Mazon is a former head chef at the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Era Ora. The staff at FAMO Carne are, therefore, highly trained in creating memorable dining experiences.


Informal atmosphere

Sit at the table while soaking up the informal atmosphere that fills the space from within. The dim lighting, clinking glasses, mild laughter, and small talk from the surrounding tables all add to the overall experience. Instantly indulge in the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the rustic dishes, which always come in plentiful quantities. Here you never leave the table hungry but rather full of impressions in your stomach and mind.

The kitchen is open, so you can gain insight into what it looks like when professional pride goes hand in hand with the ingredients. It is almost like watching a stage show, and it undoubtedly adds an extra dimension to your evening.


Quality taste

At Famo, the kitchen focuses on seasonal ingredients from both Denmark and Italy. The restaurant receives fresh ingredients from Italy several times a month – for example, fresh vegetables, cheeses, and hams.

At FAMO, they invite everyone to come and taste the quality that Italian food stands for. Good taste and ingredients at extremely sympathetic prices. Here you are welcome, whether you are just looking for a quick bite to eat or you are ready to indulge in an all-night experience.

While you wait, you can enjoy a glass of Italian wine, and the repertoire is regularly updated with tasty new inputs.


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