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At Nebbiolo Antipasti, they welcome you inside for an evening in beautiful Italian surroundings. The cozy Italian restaurant is the perfect place for those of you who want to enjoy a little southern atmosphere in the form of delicious food and drinks from the European boot country.


An Italian wine bar in the middle of Copenhagen

Italian food is delicious, tasty and characteristic not only because of the ingredients they use but because of how they serve it.

When you dine at Nebbiolo Antipasti, it is inevitable that your thoughts will go to cities like Amalfi, Tuscany or Rome. However, you do not have to travel far to get the Italian dining experience because Nebbiolo Antipasti resides on Holbergsgade in inner Copenhagen.


Social dining in true Italian fashion

Nebbiolo Antipasti's version of the social food concept consists of serving small Italian antipasti. They offer 10 servings for 275kr or as many as you want for 45kr each. The menu is full of dishes stemming from Italian food traditions. If you still have some room left for more, you can buy a selection of their Italian cheeses for 95kr or a dessert for 45kr.

The 10 servings change regularly depending on the day, ingredients and season. What is common to all the dishes is that they are small and elaborate. They are like a journey through the Italian antipasti cuisine.

The dishes will be served in a smooth flow by a smiling staff who will make sure that you get a good dining experience.


Imported wines and delicious cocktails

They have a large selection of lovely wines from all over Italy, which they get imported from their own producers. And whether you order a glass or a whole bottle, you will always have it served well-tempered, so you can enjoy it exactly as it should be enjoyed.

The special thing about Nebbiolo Antipasti is that they do not have a wine list. Their sommeliers will instead advise and introduce you to what is available, making the experience far more special. In addition to wine, they also offer classic drinks such as grappa, limoncello, sambuca, Aperol spritz and much more.

Once you’ve finished your dinner, you can enjoy a delicious Italian coffee.


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