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Carls Øl- & Spisehus

At Carls Øl og Spisehus in Frederiksberg, the focal point is beer and everything that surrounds it. Come along to where it all began and be part of a unique dining experience.

A Beer Experience in Carlsberg City

Next to the iconic Elephant Gate, marking the entrance to Carlsberg City, lies a modern office building with a Greek-sounding name, Dipylon House. Inside, you will find a rustic world brasserie deeply rooted in Nordic cuisine, which is an integral part of its heritage. However, while they source beer from all over the world, they also draw inspiration for their food from many different countries.

Food Over Open Flame

The kitchen's culinary universe revolves around beer and open flame. You will find dishes meant to be enjoyed with a glass of beer, as well as those where beer is used as an ingredient in the dish. Many of the dishes have spent some time above the kitchen's open hearth, adding warm notes of charcoal, smoke, and fire to their flavours. 

Taste, Presence, and Ambience

For the team behind Carls Øl og Spisehus, a great meal is all about taste, presence, and the right atmosphere. That is why the menu is built around small dishes meant to be shared and enjoyed in the company of others. Let your appetite guide you as you choose 2-3 or more of the house's offerings.

At Carls, they carefully choose each individual ingredient. Whether it is a simple vegetable from a local farmer or an exclusive Danish langoustine, they strive to bring out the best possible flavour by letting each ingredient take the spotlight.

A Historic Beer Temple

The whole idea behind Carls Øl og Spisehus is to create a temple for Carlsberg beer. Their goal has been to acquire the world's largest assortment of Carlsberg products, both bottled and on tap.

The Carlsberg Brewery itself has a history dating back to 1847, and the team behind Carls Øl og Spisehus is excited to carry on that legacy and create unforgettable beer and food experiences right where it all began. Cheers & Bon Appétit!


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