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Restaurant Amalfi is located on the iconic square Gråbrødre Torv in the heart of Copenhagen. Here, they serve Italian food where every bite will send you right to Italy. Pay Restaurant Amalfi a visit and enjoy authentic Italian meals that are filled with taste and love.

Authentic Italian food

The menu is filled with good Italian dishes of high quality that have been interpreted in a modern way. You can look forward to Italian bresaola, creamy risotto, and homemade pasta dishes. Try for instance their Pasta Ragatoni with truffle sauce, sirloin, and freshly grated parmesan. Restaurant Amalfi is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

High quality and the guest in focus

At Restaurant Amalfi, the gastronomic level is high on all parameters. The majority of the products are from Italy to stay true to the Italian profile, that Amalfi has. Moreover, Restaurant Amalfi cherishes accommodating the guests’ needs throughout the entire evening and they do everything in their power to create a memorable dining experience.

Located in cosy Gråbrødretorv

Restaurant Amalfi is located on Gråbrødretorv in the heart of Copenhagen. The square is known for its colourful houses, charming, cobblestones, and vibrant atmosphere. In the summer, there is no better place in Copenhagen to enjoy a cold beverage, grab lunch, or just have a cup of coffee before continuing sightseeing or shopping. 


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