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H.C. by Meyers / Hotel Odeon

The Odeon Hotel in the heart of Odense houses the wonderful restaurant H.C. by Meyers. Here you can enjoy an informal dining experience in the hotel's beautiful settings, whether you are a guest at the hotel or just passing by on the street.


In H.C. Andersen's neighbourhood

Restaurant H.C. by Meyers resides in the older part of Odense. The world-famous poet, Hans Christian Andersen, ran around as a child and let his imagination run wild in this area. His creative approach to the art of poetry has, over time, inspired many industries artistically afterwards. That includes Restaurant H.C. by Meyers. The team manages to create and serve tasty dishes that focus on ecology, sustainability, and thoughtfulness with professional pride.


Nordic cuisine with inspiration from around the world

Based on the Nordic culinary traditions, Restaurant H.C. by Meyers is not afraid to grow. In the kitchen, the dedicated chefs like to be inspired by the many exciting flavours of the world. All inputs that can complement the ingredients from the Danish kitchen are welcome in the kitchen.

The kitchen opens from the morning with a modern version of the breakfast buffet. It is a great place to come by if you consider yourself an early bird. In the evening, the menu offers a selection of small dishes that you can combine depending on how hungry you are and delicious, larger classic bistro dishes.


Meyers’ special recipes

At H.C. by Meyers, they are persistent users of special delicacies from Meyers’ smokehouse in Nordhavn and selected specialties from the dairy in Broby on Funen. In addition, Meyers’ extensive experience with bread made on sourdough is also continued in H.C. by Meyer's very own bakery.


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