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Ristorante Café Leo

On Sølvgade in the heart of Copenhagen, you'll find Ristorante Café Leo. A small, cozy Italian restaurant close to Kongens Have, where you can enjoy delicious Italian dishes.

Authentic Italian in the heart of Copenhagen

At Ristorante Café Leo, they aim to bring the authentic Italian dining experience to Denmark. In the restaurant, you can feel the cozy atmosphere created by the customers, which is the essence of Ristorante Café Leo. Here, you can taste and smell the Italian kitchen, where you can enjoy classic antipasti such as carpaccio di filletto, assortments of various small appetizers or king prawns and mussels in white wine sauce. For the main course, you can enjoy a delicious and creamy pasta or an exquisite pizza that will transport you to the boot-shaped country.

Leonardo is the core of Ristorante Café

Leo Chef Leonardo is not only the owner but also the heart and soul behind Ristorante Café Leo. With a unique passion and a deep understanding of the Italian cuisine, Leonardo is dedicated to quality in every dish he makes.

Today, Leonardo has had Ristorante Café Leo for 20 years and continues to serve wine, cook food, and provide customers with an authentic Italian experience. In addition to being in the kitchen, Leonardo also moves among his guests with presence, charm, and pleasant interest in his guests, all while serving the food.

"The pizzas at Leos are something else"

Ristorante Café Leo is a favorite among customers. A satisfied customer who visited the restaurant in 2020 shared their enthusiasm on Google reviews: "I have tasted many pizzas in my time, but the pizzas at Leos are something else. The fantastic taste still lingers on my tongue, and just the smell alone makes me hungry".

The restaurant's servers and kitchen chefs are ready to provide you with the best possible experience and service. So grab a friend and stop by Ristorante Café Leo to get a taste of the Italian kitchen


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