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Lula is a Southern European bar and restaurant located on the waterfront in Aarhus. The name comes from the Portuguese word for squid, which is a delicacy you can enjoy from their delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Southern dishes and summer memories

At Lula, they are inspired by Southern Europe's loving traditions of comfort food, togetherness, and social dining. Here, you can taste the warmth and sunshine of the Mediterranean as the servers bring shareable dishes to you and your company. Whether you order seafood, grilled meats, or something else from their delightful menu, you won't be able to avoid evoking summer memories as you indulge in these Southern dishes.

The southern ambience on the harbour quay

The charming restaurant boasts a fantastic outdoor area where you can sit right by the quay and enjoy the sound of the waves. Here, you can experience a relaxed beach bar atmosphere with a glass of chilled rosé or a tropical cocktail. Their lovely terrace also has a huge awning, so you can still sit outside and enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the harbour in Aarhus even on less sunny days. The restaurant also stays open into the late hours of the night, where you can linger and enjoy snacks and cool sangria to the beat of the DJ's tunes.

Shareable dishes

Their concept is simple and straightforward. The smiling servers serve shareable dishes, each one prepared to perfection and tasting absolutely delicious. You can choose from grilled lobster and calamari to fresh salads, mussels in white wine, and Spanish hams. The dishes come out as the kitchen prepares them. So, you can just lean back, relax, and enjoy the sea, the wine, and the good company.

Renowned restaurateurs

René Vinding and his partner, Martin Tønnesen, are among the gentlemen behind this charming restaurant. Together, they also own VinDanmark and Hantwerk, which are popular names in the Aarhus gastronomic scene. The two experienced restaurateurs created Lula with another renowned pair from the restaurant industry, namely Mads Poulsen and Christian Castenskiold, who are behind Pica Pica, Kolo, Spiselauget, and more. Together, these four talents have created a festive and colourful place on the waterfront where good spirits always prevail - and of course, plenty of delicious food and drinks.


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