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In the heart of the Danish city, Odense is a beautiful old building that dates all the way back to 1586. Oluf Bagers Gård has the honour of residing in this beautiful area. Oluf was the name of the local merchant who had his shop in this building. Today, the building is used to house one of Odense’s most beloved restaurants, where they serve new interpretations of classic Danish food.


“More than just great flavours.”

The staff cares a lot about giving their best, whether it be customer service or serving what is on your plate. Their slogan “more than just great flavours” is a testimony to how things are done here. At Oluf Bagers Gård, you get a holistic experience within historical settings, with food full of passion, exquisite taste, and high quality. The kitchen mainly works with Danish and Nordic cuisine.

However, the dedicated chefs at Oluf Bagers Gård love to experiment and create new interpretations of well-known dishes, thus making your visit here something of an experience. Food should be exciting, sensual and taste really really good, which is why all ingredients are chosen very carefully, ensuring that the flavours are extraordinary every time you dine here.


Historical settings

Enter through the port, just below a coat of arms that has the initials OB carved into it. Walk across the cobblestones in the courtyard and enjoy the timber-framed houses from bygone times surrounding you. It was in one of these now-renovated buildings that the first-ever edition of Fyens (English: Funen’s) Stifstidende was printed in 1772.

Perhaps the famous H.C. Andersen touched these walls back when he used to run around the streets of Odense as a kid and dreamed of being a dancer.


The Concept

Come by for lunch and taste Oluf Bagers Gård’s modern smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) that are a treat to your eyes, nose and mouth. They have something for every palate here, as they offer three categories to choose from: “The modern” “The classics” and “The warm dishes.”

In the evening, you and your party can sit back and relax as you enjoy nine dishes throughout three servings. All dishes sit on delicate platters and bowls, which you can share between the table. Great food takes time to enjoy. Come by and be a part of an exquisite food-experience in a setting that radiates nostalgia and forgotten times.


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