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UMA is located on Nørre Farigmagsgade 13 in Copenhagen close to Ørstedsparken. This restaurant is truly an Asian pearl. At UMA they are experts in giving their guests a unique and exclusive experience. 

Remarkable fusion cuisine

Having roots in the Japanese culinary universe, Uma is not afraid to experiment with authentic dishes. For instance, they always welcome input from other great kitchens. Among other things, you can order a matcha panna cotta. The unique know-how of combing multiple culinary corners of the world is exactly what makes UMA so special. 

Nothing short of simple

At Uma, the dishes are simple and every course is a piece of art. The dishes are beautifully arranged and the food is delicious. The meals are ambitious and neither the taste nor look will afford grounds for disappointment. 

Japanese classics

Choose one of the house menus or make your own combination by selecting dishes from UMA’s à la carte menu. You can order traditional Japanese dishes like miso soup, seaweed with sesame, salmon Tatar, spring rolls, and the kind of sashimi that melts like butter on your tongue. Here, you can also order a sushi menu or choose from the big selection of sushi on the à la carte. If you are very hungry, you should try the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat menu.

Beautiful settings

The small basement restaurant is located on the vibrant street, Nørre Farigmagsgade. When you enter, you will be met by the restaurant’s calm and pleasant atmosphere. Apart from the goal of creating simple and tasty dishes, the holistic experience is also an essential factor. Just like the dishes appear simple and beautiful, the restaurant’s interior is pure and elegant. Simply put, the aesthetic is cohesive. The chairs are cream-beige-coloured and the walls are white which forms a contrast to the red leather-covered pillows along the back of the couches. All this together contributes to an inviting and dynamic holistic impression. Come over and expand your horizon with delicious Japanese food with a twist.


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